Will Smith has said he’s unsure if he’s going to record a new album, despite recently confirming the existence of more than 30 new tracks and saying he’s planning a tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Smith recently returned to live music with a performance at the Latin Grammys on November 19, performing ‘Fiesta’ with Colombian band Bomba Estéreo.

Smith told Billboard.com, “I have a bunch of songs. I don’t know if I’ll do an album. I‘m looking for a really clever and creative way to release the music.”

On playing his music live, Smith added, “There’s nothing that compares to being onstage with a hit record. Those first couple of seconds when people recognise the song and it’s the one they’ve been waiting for – there’s nothing in entertainment that matches that feeling.”

Smith went on to talk about how his kids Jaden and Willow consume music.

“I’ve been watching my kids, and they don’t do albums any more,” he said. “Just the way that people consume music is really different than [to] go out and buy 12 songs, 14 songs, and listen all the way through in one sitting. It’s much more ADHD – unless you’re Adele.”

The actor/ musician released his first new music in a decade in October, with Smith rapping in English and Spanish on ‘Fiesta’. Prior to the track, his most recent music came from the album ‘Lost and Found’ back in 2005.

His latest film Concussion comes out on Christmas day, with Smith playing a forensic pathologist who discovers the connection between NFL players’ severe in-game hits and their later brain injuries.

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