Jake Bugg has described his new album as hip-hop inspired and groove-based.

The singer-songwriter recently confirmed that he is “almost done” recording his third album, now discussing the making of the LP with Q.

Following his self-titled 2012 debut and last year’s ‘Shangri La’, the upcoming effort is “entirely self-written and almost entirely self-produced”.

Bugg said the difference between the new album and its predecessor is the “grooves”, adding: “There’s songs people can actually dance to. I’ve been listening to [UK station] Smooth Radio. Those songs from the ’70s, there was a warmth about them that you don’t get in pop nowadays.”

The singer added: “My mates back in Clifton [Nottingham] listen to grime and hip-hop, but if I can take some cool hip-hop elements but mix them with guitar as well, then I feel like it’s still me. I think this album is very diverse, every track’s different, but hopefully there’s still enough to please the old fans as well.”

Bugg also confirmed that he turned down “some interesting” collaborations with Beastie Boys’ Mike D for the record. “It’s been quite lonely making this record by myself. But I saw it as something I needed to do to develop as a songwriter,” he explained.

In July, Bugg described his new material as “darker” than his previous work.

Bugg debuted two new songs during a show at Wolverhampton Civic Hall in October.

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