Ellie Goulding worries music critics find her healthy lifestyle “boring”.

The British singer is one of the most popular in the industry, belting out track Love Me Like You Do for movie hit Fifty Shades of Grey. She’s also known for her love of sport, regularly posting pictures of her workouts on social media. While fans find it admirable, she worries others are less impressed.

“Especially music critics find my passion for fitness boring,” she sighed to Germany’s Women’s Health magazine. “They think it’s the opposite of rock and roll.”

Ellie Goulding Live

However, the star insists it doesn’t stifle her creativity and that she still has that zest expected of people in her industry.

“I am still a bit crazy,” she grinned. “I wouldn’t have been able to write any of my songs if I wasn’t!”

Dealing with criticism is something the star has had to get used to and everything from her body to her relationship with Dougie Poynter is discussed in the press. However, Ellie argues she knew what she was getting into and that every celebrity needs to take these things on the chin.

Ellie Goulding Live

“I do think that if I hadn’t had my manager or my friends around me, I could have crumbled very quickly,” she previously admitted to Britain’s Glamour magazine.

“But anyone who is famous has probably wanted to be famous. It doesn’t happen accidentally. So when you find out that it’s not as pretty as it looks, I feel like that’s almost your comeuppance or your karma. It’s the universe saying: ‘You wanted it so badly, and here it is. Not what you thought it would be, right?'”

She adds that speculation about her love life and comments on her looks are the hardest to deal with.

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