Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has spoken about the band’s collaboration with Noel Gallagher on their new album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’.

The band, who held a live Q&A session with Radio 1 presenter Greg James on their Facebook page from their London studio this afternoon (December 4), revealed that the track ‘Up&Up’ took them 15 years to complete. You can watch the interview here.

Guitarist Jonny Buckland said of the collaboration: “I was pretty excited when Noel turned up [in the studio]. I thought I’ve got to make my guitars sound good.”

Frontman Chris Martin added: “It was really great that day when Noel and Jonny were duelling. They both were there showing each other licks and Noel was like [adopts a Manchester accent] ‘Yeah that’s alright what about this?’ And it came together over a few hours. It was lovely.”

Julia Kennedy/PressThe band also admitted that they were apprehensive ahead of the album’s release.

Drummer Will Champion said: “I feel nervous and I don’t want to look at any media at all. I’m trying to spend the day avoiding looking at my phone. You get lovely text messages from family saying congratulations and it’s wonderful. It’s a great relief that’s it out but obviously I’m slightly nervous.”

“We were actually in different continents when it was finished,” Buckland added. “We went over the time limit and we had to do a conference call and say ‘Are we OK with this now?'”

“We went over so many deadlines,” Martin explained. “We scheduled four days off and we went so far into it that in the end the way we decided it was [finished was] by an official conference call.”

Martin also spoke about the track ‘Everglow’ that features his former partner Gwyneth Paltrow. He added: “It’s a song about when someone passes away or when a relationship ends and you miss somebody in whatever capacity. It’s about holding onto the good parts of that. A song like ‘Fix You’ is about the sadness of someone leaving and this is about the joyful residue [from that].”

The four-piece announced yesterday that they will perform during the NFL Super Bowl halftime show next year.

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