Coldplay and Adele are going head-to-head for the Number One spot in this week’s UK album charts.

The heayweights are battling it out at the top, and the current midweek chart has Chris Martin’s band on course with their seventh LP ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ by just 2,000 combined sales.

Coldplay are also on their way to scoring their 16th Top 10 single, with ‘Adventures Of A Lifetime’ climbing up six places to Number Nine.

Adele’s third album ‘25’ shifted another 439,000 copies in the UK last week, outselling the rest of the Top 10 combined to stay at Number One. The singer’s ‘Hello’ is also currently at Number Three in the UK singles chart.

Her recent album has also sold a million copies in two separate weeks in the US, making it the first album to achieve such a feat.

Press ’25’ was released on November 20, shifting 3.38million units in the States during its first week, according to Nielsen Music. The album then sold more than a million in its second week.

Meanwhile, Coldplay recently admitted that they were apprehensive ahead of the album’s release.

Drummer Will Champion said: “I feel nervous and I don’t want to look at any media at all. I’m trying to spend the day avoiding looking at my phone. You get lovely text messages from family saying congratulations, and it’s wonderful. It’s a great relief that’s it out, but obviously I’m slightly nervous.”

“We were actually in different continents when it was finished,” Buckland added. “We went over the time limit and we had to do a conference call and say ‘Are we OK with this now?'”

“We went over so many deadlines,” Martin added. “We scheduled four days off and we went so far into it that in the end the way we decided it was [finished was] by an official conference call.”

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