Adele performed new song ‘Water Under The Bridge’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (November 23).

The singer appeared on the show just days after her new album ’25’ was released. You can watch her performance below.

Adele also admitted that she is keen to hear Rihanna’s new LP ‘Anti’, which is expected to drop later this week.

“I am very excited for Rihanna’s new record,” she said. “I am on the edge – in a good way. I’m the biggest Riri fan. I love her. So I’m very excited for that record.”

Adele also spoke about the difficulty she had recording her long-awaited third album and said producer Rick Rubin had a big hand in putting her back on the right track. She ditched a bunch of early recordings after he advised her not to use them.

“He said, ‘If you want to put this out then put this out but I don’t believe [it’s really] you’,” she added. “He was a huge part to do with my second album ’21’. I didn’t love the record [’25’ at the time] and the songs I was writing for the record.”

The album was released on Friday (November 20) via independent label XL Recordings. It has already registered over 300,000 sales.

Just two albums have sold more than half a million copies in the space of a week – Take That’s ‘Progress’ in 2010, and Oasis’s ‘Be Here Now’ which sold 695,761 after going on sale in August 1997. Adele’s second album ’21’ sold 208,000 copies in its first week in January 2011.

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