The Vaccines are even better live!

I’ll start where I should perhaps end, but its an important note – The Vaccines were incredible. I always try to listen out to see what the audience have to say when leaving the arena. On this occasion I heard at least 5 different groups of people all say that they can’t believe The Vaccines were better live than in recordings. That’s no mean feat!

Wow, I can't believe they are even better in person than their recorded studio albums!
Before the gig, if you had asked me to explain who the average audience member might be, I’d have said they would be between 20-35 years old. They’d be trendy, care-free and most likely drunk. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I saw children and elderly alike and they all had one thing in common; they loved it.

Vaccines Live in Nottingham

The Vaccines front man, Justin Hayward-Young, set the tone from the outset, jumping straight into the bands underrated hit; Handsome, within seconds of walking on stage. The crowd were already in the mood for a party after being warmed up by the excellent Palma Violets and they weren’t left disappointed. What followed was an outstanding and energetic rendition of Teenage Icon which got the crowd bouncing to a fast-paced rhythm.

All the big hitters we’re coming out and the energy was seeping from the stage and throughout the arena. Before long, Wolf Pack featured and the roof felt like it was only a couple of classics from being blown off. Those classics were only minutes away! Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra) smashed home with all the force you would expect and at this point the whole audience was on its feet dancing.  You forget just how short Wreckin’ Bar is, and it’s almost a travesty that it lasts less than 2 minutes long – you feel real disappointment when it comes to an end.

The Vaccines we’re really in their romp now. If You Wanna & All In White being the highlight of the remaining main set before one of the best encores I have personally seen. Justin came back with a solo acoustic performance of No Hope which drew the crowd into an almost hypnotic state. A slightly odd but massively entertaining Blow Your Mind followed and did extraordinarily well to build up to an astonishing Norgaard finale.

Set List

  1. Handsome
  2. Teenage Icon
  3. Ghost Town
  4. Dream Lover
  5. Wetsuit
  6. Minimal Affection
  7. Tiger Blood
  8. Wolf Pack
  9. Bad Mood
  10. Post Break-Up Sex
  11. Melody Calling
  12. Want You So Bad
  13. Give Me a Sign
  14. Wreckin’ Bar
  15. 20/20
  16. I Always Knew
  17. If You Wanna
  18. All In White
  19. No Hope (acoustic)
  20. Blow Your Mind
  21. Norgaard

Vaccines Live in Nottingham

I’m probably a little bias considering I’m a big fan, but this was certainly one of my favourite live performances of all time (at least out of the one’s I have attended – which is a lot). I’ll recollect the night in years to come with fond emotions.

I’ll be on the lookout for another free date in my diary to catch the very same performance at another location soon but if you don’t get the chance, you should check out the below playlist of the set on Spotify.

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